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Galvanized trench/ditch cover

Product details

Type Steel Drain Grating or Manhole Cover
Bearing bar 25*3mm, 25*4mm, 25*5mm 30*3mm, 30*5mm, 40*5mm, 50*5mm, 100*9mm, etc
Cross bar 5mm, 6mm, 8mm, 10mm,etc
Size Customized
Color Silver
Certificate ISO9001
Material Q235
Surface treatment Hot dip galvanized

Product Process

Steel grating are manufactured using a simultaneous application of heat and pressure on the load bar and cross bar at their intersection points, welding them together.

Product Feature

1.Trench cover plate construction is simple, light weight, good load capacity, impact resistance, rather bend than break, large displacement, beautiful and durable after hot dip zinc treatment, corrosion protection, with iron cover plate incomparable advantages.
2.The flat steel of groove cover plate is bearing (support) direction, and the length of the flat steel is determined according to the wide gap left in groove (water well).
3.According to the length of the trench (water well), the standard width of the plate that conforms to the processing modulus is taken as 995mm, the gap between the plates is left as 5mm.
4.The length of the trench (well) less than 1 meter is determined by modulus.
5.Select the type of steel grille plate according to the width of trench (well) and load bearing requirements.
6.It is recommended to select standard size trench cover plate for design and construction, and other specifications can be customize.

Product Application

1.It can be used for flooring in the elevators and walkways.
2.It can be used in areas that need a high level of hygiene because it is easy to clean. When washed, it can dry easily;hence the grates can be used immediately after cleaning.
3.The heavy metal grating can be used in areas that have heavy equipment hence protect the floor.
4.Since it does not wear and tear easily, it is a good choice for a commercial space with offloading and heavy machine loading.
5.It can be used to protect highly restricted areas because it is hard to break.
6.It can be used to install shelves and to cover manholes.